April Design of the Month – Mr and Mrs Chopra’s Kitchen


This kitchen is a beautiful favourite of ours.  It was designd by Ken for Mr and Mrs Chopra, using Shiny Magnolia AV1030 doors by Hacker.  It is a handleless design, and we just love the sleek, serene feeling we get from this beautiful room.

Chopra (Large)

Mr and Mrs Chopra have accessorised perfectly with light aqua hues and shiny chrome finishes.

EB0C3139 (Large)

This room benefits from a large window and sliding glass doors which allow a lot of light in,
brightening the space, making it feel light, fresh and airy.

EB0C3172 (Large)

A wall was removed to make the space bigger and more usable for the family.  You can see
where the beam is, which would have originally been the wall dividing the two rooms.

EB0C3174 (Large)

Cooking will be a pleasure with the hob on the middle of the run, and the light splashback will be easy to clean.  The extractor is hidden inside a cupboard, helping to make the look more sleek and streamlined, with no handles to help add to the effect.

EB0C3183 (Large)

Mr and Mrs Chopra have a gas hob, and have displayed a blue cooking pot on, a stylish way to accessorise!

EB0C3185 (Large)

Mr and Mrs Chopra have an undermount sink, with a simple Franke Eiger tap.  Drainer grooves have been cut into the worktop for practicality.

EB0C3192 (Large)

White tulips on the breakfast bar really bring the kitchen to life, making it feel fresh and crisp.

EB0C3205 (Large)

Practical bar stools serve the breakfast bar, in a neutral cream shade with the elegant chrome detailing.

EB0C3206 (Large)

A simple chrome pendant light hangs above the breakfast bar.  It’s always the finishing touches that make a room feel special and really personalise it.

EB0C3208 (Large)

In the above view, we get an idea of the layout of the room, with the tall bank of units on the reverse side, home to the fridges and freezers and lots of storage.

EB0C3216 (Large)


Breakfast bar (Large)

The breakfast bar is functional as well as cleverly designed to make the change from cooking and preparation space, into the eating and relaxing space seem seamless.

EB0C3117 (Large)

The tall housings shown above have an unusual handle set up which works with well both practically and as part of the design.

EB0C3138 (Large)

Lots of storage is provided in the tall units, with pull-out internal drawers making the most use of space – these are better than shelves because you can see everything inside and don’t have to reach to the back when searching for something.  (No more out of date tins!)

EB0C3119 (Large)

In this picture you can see the surrounding decorative wall built around the tall units, with back lighting, to make a feature out of this side of the room.  The pictures don’t do it justice unfortunately, but we hope you get the idea!


We really love this kitchen, Mr and Mrs Chopra have done a really lovely job of accessorizing it, making it feel fresh, airy and light.  A perfect example of ‘less-is-more!’