Aug 2013 Design of the Month – Kitchen in white, grey acacia, quartz worktops and rich crimson red accent

Design of the Month – Mr and Mrs Rumpal

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However, never fear, we still have our very popular Design of the Month, this month’s belongs to Mr and Mrs Rumpal for their kitchen, designed by Chris.  Mr and Mrs Rumpal’s kitchen is a mix of Hacker glossy white lacquer doors and grey acacia, with Stone Italiana quartz worktops called Luce Pura.

Mr and Mrs Rumpal have used a rich crimson red as their accent colour, with red glass splashback and accessories. This gorgeous hue harmonises with the grey acacia, a soft darker wood colour, which in turn contrasts with the bright white doors and worktops making this kitchen stand out.

This kitchen is a practical place with lots of storage, a very usable space for the whole family to use. There are lots of drawers for easier access to their contents, whilst tall wall cupboards maximise the storage space.

This kitchen is nicely laid out with an open plan dining table area on the other side of the room, and additional seating found on the peninsular adds an informal eating area for quick snacks or for chatting while the chef of the house creates dinner.

This image of the back of the peninsular shows how the storage is maximised, with extra drawers.

The glossy white reflective surfaces on the worktop and wall units add an extra dimension of depth into the kitchen, an extra texture which is visually interesting, and makes you want to touch and feel all of the different textures.

The kitchen offers practical storage solutions, like this corner storage idea, in the form of a ‘Le-Mans’ system (So called because the tray resembles the famous Le-Mans racetrack).  This clever little cupboard allows everything that is stored on them to come out and greet you rather than reaching in to get to something stored right at the back – It holds a lot of weight, as you can see here with the heavy pots and pans.

Also beneficial in this kitchen is the abundance of drawer storage.  Drawers offer much easier access to contents.  These sleek handles which all line up add another texture to the kitchen with the brushed stainless steel material.

The sink run by the window, shows off the lovely view of the garden, whilst some of the garden has been brought inside with a gorgeous orchid and other plants.  Mr and Mrs Rumpal have got ample cooking appliances, with a double oven and microwave in the tall housing, as well as a domino gas hob and an induction hob which line up perfectly to look like they are just one hob.  The family can benefit from having both induction and gas hob cooking without it looking like they have two hobs!



The family have a utility room which is the home to their American fridge freezer, as well as other utility room appliances such as the washing machine and tumble drier which are cleverly hidden away (See below)

Having the washing machine and tumble drier hidden behind cupboard doors and stacked on top of each other is a great idea because they can be put away when you’re done with them, and they save a love of space like this!


We love this kitchen, a beautiful mix of colours and textures, practicality and clever ideas.  We hope Mr and Mrs Rumpal enjoy their kitchen for many, many years!!