Case Study: Claire’s Project – Lury

The client wanted to completely renovate their kitchen; they wanted to gain more storage space from what their quite old and dated kitchen originally had.
The customers wanted a bright, fresh, warm and easy to clean kitchen.
The whole renovations consisted of, new flooring, new ceiling, new electronics and plastering where all the old tiles came off.


One of the special challenges of this kitchen was a tricky angled wall cutting in which we had to design around.
To solve the problem we ended up cutting the carcases diagonally for the tall unit and base nearest to the angle.
We wanted to make the area look ‘square’ by using panels next to the tall housing.
The oven, which is a Neff oven, is the centre piece of the tall unit

P1050405 P1050413

The design of this kitchen was so special because it was simple, back to basics. The kitchen itself was a lower budget kitchen however it turned out nothing like that.
There were no silly gimmicks to this kitchen, just fresh looking doors and worktop combination.
We clad the units in the same wood looking laminate of the worktop to frame the cabinets; the colour was a shiny basalt magnolia.
Finally we added plinth lights for a special touch

P1050420 (Large) P1050424

The cleverly designed angled area meant
that the attention wasn’t drawn to it, so
other areas of the kitchen such as the
sink and window area had a lot of
This sink was a Franke Ceram inset; it
fitted perfectly with the whole ‘simple’
design of the kitchen.
The window allowed for a lot of light,
meaning that the white colours made
the kitchen look bigger and had more
space. The clients loved the design and
were a delight to work with!



Plan 1