December 2013 – Design of the Month – Dr and Dr Iqbal

This month we want to share with you a rather gorgeous, sumptuous warm kitchen, a bespoke solid walnut wood kitchen by Underwood, designed by Ken.  Granite worktops are used which add to the mix of materials and textures in this kitchen

Dr Iqbal's Kitchen


The kitchen takes pride of place in the family home, a large open planned area with dining table and large glass doors inviting you into the garden, a fabulous space for entertaining and living.

EB0C9692 (Large)


The above picture shows a dresser style unit which is home to all the breakfast items, but accessed through vertical bi-fold doors.  The unit, even though the same fitted furniture as the rest of the kitchen, feels like a stand-alone free-standing furniture piece.  The warm walnut and slightly unusual shaped handles make this bespoke piece of furniture feel really special.EB0C9697 (Large)

A very unusual curved larder sits in the corner of the room, which would otherwise be quite an awkward space to plan furniture in, the space is cleverly used this way.  When you open the furniture doors, a surprise awaits where you are greeted with a mirrored interior – an Aladdins cave in miniature, in the form of a spacious larder.EB0C9704 (Large)

The concave curves in the larder doors are reflected in the convex base units, allowing one sleek bending curve from left to right of these units.
Dr Iqbal's Kitchen

The side panels on the end of the island and the ‘dresser’ unit are panelled as a cupboard door would look, adding to the detail and finesse in the room.EB0C9721 (Large) The graining in the wood doors is as unique as wood can be, adding an extra dimension to the kitchen that you just want to touch.EB0C9724 (Large) The island is home to the washing machine hidden by furniture doors – a great solution to hide appliances.EB0C9726 (Large) The sink run is home to the tall integrated fridge and larder unit, as well as glass wall units to store the pretty china.EB0C9728 (Large) The kitchen doesn’t need an accent wall or colour theme as the warm walnut speaks for itself.EB0C9732 (Large) The whole kitchen layout works beautifully with each area having it’s own purpose – The sink area for food preparation and active cooking on the hob, the oven area for storage and oven cooking, the other side of the island for a mini utility, and the breakfast preparation area with the dresser unit.EB0C9733 (Large)

Standard downlights give the kitchen all the light it requires when it’s dark outside, and during the day the large glass doors and skylights over the dining table allow a lot of natural light in.EB0C9736 (Large) The extractor is embedded in the ceiling so there is no large extractor obstructing the view over the island to the rest of the lovely kitchen.EB0C9765 (Large)Lots of premium Gaggenau appliances allow for lots of cooking when friends and family come over for dinner.
EB0C9769 (Large)

The above picture shows the inside of the breakfast dresser.  There is a lot of room on the worktop to store coffee machines, toasters etc. so they don’t have to be lifted in and out of cupboards and can be put tidily away when not in use.EB0C9775 (Large) The sink has a granite backsplash, as well as a normal hot and cold tap, but accompanied by a Quooker boiling water tap – no need for hefty kettles to clutter the worktop and instant, already boiled water!EB0C9782 (Large) Small details like the curved sink base unit and matching wall unit above really add to the design, and reflect the curved units in the rest of the room.EB0C9785 (Large) The other end of the island isn’t ‘flat’ like the dining table end, it has a curved base unit and a worktop to match with a delicately edged profile to the worktopEB0C9791 (Large) EB0C9792 (Large) EB0C9805 (Large) EB0C9806 (Large) EB0C9807 (Large)

Dr and Dr Iqbal have installed rather unusual radiators, pictured above, double as a piece of art and a bench to sit on.  A round window is another quirky touch of design in this large family space. EB0C9832 (Large)We really love this beautiful kitchen and the fantastic project that Dr and Dr Iqbal gave us.  We were welcomed with warm hearts and love the finished warm family space that this has become.  Thank you!