Design of the month- Lacey

The brief…

The customer wanted a kitchen with a WOW! Factor as well as include a large area for the sub-zero fridge freezer. The customers also wanted to include a space for their wine bottles so therefore; we designed a wine cooler to be integrated into the island. The island was designed to seat a maximum of four people, a great social environment.

7 north common road ub8 345755 kit1pink_RGB_800px


The island is placed in the centre of the kitchen area, whenever somebody sits around the island they get a great all round view of the kitchen.
7 north common road ub8 345755 kit3off_RGB_800px



The time scale of this project was 4 weeks; this was from the existing kitchen being ripped out to the new kitchen in place and working.

7 north common road ub8 345755 kit5off_RGB


The customer wanted an induction hob, which was located opposite the window as they wanted to be able to look into the garden whilst cooking on their miele induction hob.