July 2012 Design of the Month – Mr and Mrs Carney

Mr and Mrs Carney’s Kitchen

This fabulous kitchen was designed by Oliver for Mr and Mrs Carney.  This kitchen is a great example of how a dark wood kitchen can still look light and airy, and how you can create an expensive bespoke look, using standard Daval units.  This modern take on a classic look is perfected with stainless steel handles and appliances, with the black glossy granite adding to the richness and textures seen in this kitchen.

Island Detail

The island features a breakfast bar big enough for three to sit and eat breakfast, grab a cup of coffee, or for entertaining friends with a glass of wine.  Mr and Mrs Carney have used comfy faux leather bar stools which fit perfectly with this kitchen.

This view of the island shows the huge amount of storage space available in this kitchen, as it has lots of drawer storage, both on the island and under the hob unit.  Drawers are a great way to maximise the usable storage space, as it allows you to easily access the items at the back, rather than bending down to reach into the back of a cupboard, where some items at the back tend to get forgotten about and left unused.

Fridge and Freezer Housing

These units house Mr and Mrs Carney’s extra large fridge freezer, allowing the substantial appliances to fit in perfectly with this classic kitchen.  A sense of warm grandeur hits you when you walk into this space.


Oliver has cleverly designed the kitchen to include soffit downlights, which really make the kitchen shine, showing off the beautiful wood textures and contours in the doors.  There are also downlights under the wall units, which make the walls glow and provide decent lighting for using the worktops.  Mr and Mrs Carney have accessorised with a simple stainless steel kettle and toaster (just like in the original drawing – see below!)

Drawing of Mr and Mrs Carney’s Kitchen

The above image is the original computer drawing for the kitchen during the design stage.  The curved units on the island and by the walkway through to the living room create a softer look and make the kitchen more ergonomically usable.  

Mr and Mrs Carney’s Kitchen

Nowadays, the kitchen trend has been leaning towards glossy cream and white doors, with the shaker stye being used less and less.  So we congratulate Mr and Mrs Carney on bucking the trend and using this style of door to great effect, we have enjoyed creating your fantastic kitchen.