Dec 2012 Design of the Month – Mr and Mrs Webb

This month’s Design of the Month is Mr and Mrs Webb’s kitchen, designed by Chris. It is a Hacker kitchen with Satin Cashmere doors and Hi-Macs worktops in Crystal Beige, with Grey Acacia accent doors for the dresser unit.

We are glad that we managed to photograph this gorgeous kitchen just in time for our December newsletter as Mr and Mrs Webb have decorated with beautifully warm red accessories, and of course the poinsettia, giving it a really warm yet fresh Christmassy feel.

Mr and Mrs Webb’s kitchen makes wonderful use of the space with the hob on the peninsular unit.  There you will find a beautifully large round breakfast bar which allows the kitchen area to merge into the glass dresser unit area, to great effect.

The colours in this kitchen are beautifully soft and neutral, with accessories creating accents of colours around the kitchen.  This is the cost effective way you can refresh the whole image of the kitchen at a later stage by just changing the accessories instead of changing the whole kitchen.

The extractor for the hob is hidden in the worktop – if you look carefully you can see the lines just behind the hob where the extractor rises out of the worktop.  The ducting for the extractor takes the steam and cooking smells down to the floor, then out through the outside wall.  (More pics below showing when the extractor is up!)  The benefits of this type of extractor are that you don’t need to have a big obtrusive extractor hanging down from the ceiling, or if you can’t duct out through the ceiling, then this is the perfect answer!


Christmassy view of the dresser unit, above, and below showing the cabinet open.


Mr and Mrs Webb have decorated the wall behind the dresser unit with a really fabulous red wavy lined wallpaper, with a background colour that highlights this fab kitchen’s cashmere colour and beautiful features.

Mr and Mrs Webb’s stylish champagne flutes, in situ in the glass dresser!

This is a high up view of the peninsular and dresser taken from the oven wall – you can really feel the sense of space and how it all ties in together.

This is the AirUno ‘pop-up’ extractor at its halfway setting.  The extractor has a slice of the same worktop on top so when it is closed, the effect is almost seamless!

This is the extractor at full height.  The steam and cooking smells are sucked out through the long slot just below the risen worktop.  This height is more effective as it allows the steam a chance to rise before being pulled out by the powerful motor.

Mr and Mrs Webb have decorated with red accessories, such as the red chilli chopping board (above) and interesting red wavy radiator (below) as well as the artwork on the walls and shield for the blinds.


Spot the frog!

Mr and Mrs Webb have displayed their Philippe Starck juicer as you would with an interesting sculpture, as it deserves to be displayed!

Lighting plays an important part in any room, but more so with the kitchen, as it is an area where you need task lighting, as well as lighting for ambience.  Mr and Mrs Webb’s kitchen benefits from having windows and the glass back door overlooking the garden, as well as a window on the opposite wall from the front garden, so natural light was never going to be a problem in this beautifully situated kitchen!  Additional ceiling spotlights are required for the dark evenings, but are complimented with atmospheric uplights above the oven housing.  They create a wonderful glow, and it highlights an area that would otherwise be dark and uninteresting.

The Hi-Macs sinks and worktops are the perfect answer for anyone who doesn’t like cleaning in the joints, but also like the sleek streamlined effect by having the sinks moulded out of the same material as the worktops.  The soft curves in the kitchen are reflected with the simple curves in the sink

Having a boiling water tap instead of a kettle is the sleek and practical answer to getting rid of worktop clutter, and having the benefit of instant 100° boiling water.

Having a stylish wine cooler in the dresser side of the peninsular, is the perfect way to show off your wines and Champagnes, whilst being able to store them at the correct and adjustable separate temperatures for the reds and whites.

Clever storage solutions like this ‘Le-Mans’ corner solution make the best use of space and save a lot of bending and reaching for items that would probably be forgotten about if you didn’t have this handy little mechanism to help you out!

The above image shows the intergrated fridge-freezer which helps to make the kitchen sleek and streamlined by not breaking up the kitchen with large bulky looking appliances.

The ovens are set out in a grid, with the two main ovens at the bottom, and a microwave combi oven and steam combi oven above.  This is a the perfect combination for those who like cooking!

These ovens are Neff Series 5, meaning that the ClearText makes it simple and easy to use, as you don’t have to remember all those little icons, and gives another little wow in this kitchen.



The utility uses the same doors and worktop as the kitchen, which brings the whole design together and keeps it harmonious.  This is a lovely little area to be in while you have to do those household chores!

This is the Neff American style Fridge Freezer kept in the utility, which dispenses ice cubes, crushed ice and chilled water, and displays all the information you’d ever need from your fridge!

We love this gorgeous red themed, yet neutral kitchen, the loveliest family kitchen that is practical, stylish and well designed.  We hope it will be well loved and used by Mr and Mrs Webb, as it deserves to be…