Feb 2013 Design of the Month – Mrs Cookson


This kitchen is designed by Chris for Mrs Cookson, using Hacker 2020 Shiny White, with blackberry glass detailing.  We just love this kitchen, it really shows how simple and sleek white can be in a kitchen.

Mrs Cookson's Kitchen

Mrs Cookson gave us a really lovely project, to re-do her kitchen modelled on one of our displays here in the showroom, as she loved it so much.

To enhance the sleekness of this kitchen, Mrs Cookson chose long line handles, a more discreet and practical option.

This is the view of the sink run, which includes a bowl and a half sink, with two taps – one a normal mixer tap, and a boiling water tap.  The boiling water tap by Quooker is ideal for making a cup of tea, or fill a saucepan without waiting for a kettle to boil or have a kettle cluttering up the tidy worktop.  The Quooker tap is the only truly boiling water tap that is available on the market, others may claim to be boiling water but because Quooker’s method is patented, it is almost impossible for anybody else to achieve 100° water.  It is also much safer and economic, and space saving than a kettle.

The blackberry glass, also supplied by Hacker, has enabled Mrs Cookson to have an accent colour in the kitchen, but without the longevity of having whole kitchen units in that colour.  If Mrs Cookson ever got bored of this colour and fancied a change, then she wouldn’t need to replace loads of units at a cost, a very practical answer to a stylish and versatile kitchen.  (But we love this colour anyway – don’t change it!)

This hob is the a Neff Induction hob which has four cooking zones spread out in a line, so you don’t have to reach towards the back of the hob, over other saucepans to get to anything  This is the perfect answer to any design if you can spare the space either side of a normally 600mm wide hob.

The Neff extractor has a black glass panel on the front so it compliments the design of the hob and ovens, and is a design feature in its own right.  There are powerful underlights to illuminate whatever you are cooking on the hob.

Mrs Cookson has sourced blinds in a perfect colour to match the blackberry glass, to bring the whole kitchen together across the space, with slim strips of the glass running behind the sink run.  These fine details are the things that define the kitchen and personalise it, giving it an identity.

This is a closer view of the boiling water tap and normal tap side by side, which also shows the worktop.  The worktop is Hi-Macs Alpine White, which is moulded into shape for  the sink and drainer grooves, whilst joins in the worktop are moulded seamlessly together so there are no visable joins which need cleaning.


The above view is of the fridge freezer and microwave in a tall housing.  It is tucked into the corner where it remains unobtrusive in the rest of the kitchen space.


Here you can see how the Hi-Macs worktops are moulded at the joins, for the seamless, easy-to-clean effect.


We absolutely love this kitchen, and want to thank Mrs Cookson for giving us such a lovely project, whilst being such a lovely customer to work with!