July 2013 – Design of the Month – Mr and Mrs Hagan


We have decided that as we have an abundance of lovely kitchens that we want to show you, the best way to show them all to you is through our Pinterest page, which we are gradually building up with lots of pictures.  We still have our Design of the Month though, so check out July’s!

The Design of the Month for July is awarded for Mr and Mrs Hagan’s kitchen, designed by Ken.  It is a combination of glossy anthracite acrylic and hi-gloss magnolia lacquer doors by Hacker.


This gorgeous contemporary and practical kitchen uses the dark anthracite finish for the base units and tall units, while the magnolia doors are found on the wall units, and also on the curved base unit on the end of the peninsula.

The worktop is Blanco Maple Silestone, a colour which matches the wall units, simplifying the kitchen colour scheme down to two colours, with Mr and Mrs Hagan introducing a lime accent colour through the accessories.

Simple stainless steel handles add to the no-fuss feel in this kitchen, and reflect the stainless steel in the appliances.

The oven and microwave are situated in the tall unit, with the microwave doubling as a small oven and grill. Gone are the days of needing a double oven for when you are doing lots of cooking, say for the Sunday Roast, allowing for more space in the kitchen for other things!

The above picture shows the view from the kitchen to the garden.  What a lovely view when you are doing the washing up!

Task lighting placed under the wall units is practical and when the evening becomes dark and you are eating at the dining table, you could just use these lights for ambience. (The underlights are also great for when you come down to get a glass of water in the middle of the night and can’t bear the full lighting!)

Over the decades, the kitchen has become less utilitarian and more of a designer space, a room where you can watch the kids in the garden or catch up on the days events while cooking the dinner.  We love the way this kitchen has opened up into a dining area and patio doors.

The glass pendant light shades over the peninsular are in the fab lime green to match the accessories.  Finding that slightly unusual item will really make your kitchen individual.

The blinds that Mr and Mrs Hagan have sourced for their kitchen match their colour scheme perfectly!  It has the dark grey to match the anthracite doors, the lime green leaves, and delicate off-white detailing to highlight the wall units.

There is a roller shutter on the worktop beside the tall housing for the ovens.  This is a great solution for hiding those items like kettles and toasters that usually clutter up the worktop.  You don’t have to lift them in and out of cupboards, all you need to do is make your toast and pull the shutter down when you’re finished!

The reflective surfaces in the kitchen bounce the light around so the kitchen doesn’t feel as dark as a ‘dark grey’ kitchen sounds.

Mr and Mrs Hagan have got an induction hob – the way forward for cooking!  If you are thinking of purchasing a new hob for your kitchen, it’s worthwhile looking at an induction hob as these are quicker, safer and more energy efficient than any other type of hob available.


The peninsular is home to the curved base unit above.  The decision to have this unit instead of a ‘square’ one is a good one – it softens the feel to the kitchen and allows the space to be more ergonomic when you are walking around it, so you’re not banging your hip on it as you go past.

Worktop drainer grooves are cut out from the worktop, so you don’t need a drainer board as such, and water just runs down the slope into the sink – Sleek and tidy!


The benefit of the acrylic doors is that any scratches in the doors can be buffed out with the care kit that is supplied with the kitchen.

This extractor is a contemporary cubic design, with a black glass splashback and control panel built in.  We love it!

Edible colourful accessories in the form of bright coloured fruit in a dark bowl compliment the colour schemes in the kitchen.


We absolutely love this design, and we hope that Mr and Mrs Hagan continue to enjoy their kitchen for years to come!