June 2013 Design of the Month – Mr and Mrs Zussman

The June 2013 Design of the Month is awarded for Mr and Mrs Zussman’s kitchen.  This kitchen was designed by Chris, using both Hacker furniture and Schuller furniture.  Hacker is present in the polar white high gloss lacquer, while Schuller creates the contrast in the tall tobacco oak units on the oven wall.

Mr and Mrs Zussman used advice and ideas from an interior designer, and the whole effect and finished results are truly stunning in this absolutely wonderful space.

The kitchen is open plan, with a dining area (off image to right) that is situated by large bi-fold glass windows.  The mix of unusual colours, different textures and shapes work fabulously in this kitchen.

Over the island, Mr and Mrs Zussman have used three pendant lights with glass bowl shaped shades, a simple and understated design win, adding glass to the mixture of materials used in this kitchen.

The kitchen furniture is the handle-less range, giving sleek lines a chance to flow and stretch towards the garden.  The worktop is cleverly shaped at the edges to allow the doors to be opened more easily and ergonomically, whilst creating the optical illusion of a slimmer worktop when viewed from eye level.

The tall units in tobacco oak are sawn-cut which is where textures and grooves are cut into the wood veneer finish in a criss-cross pattern, giving a really unique texture that is so tactile you’ll just want to touch it.

Has anybody spotted the yellow glass splashback on the sink run?  Who didn’t?  This yellow was suggested by the interior designer and although perhaps a slightly unconventional colour for a kitchen splashback, it is a true success and gives the kitchen an identity and design feature greater than being just a splashback.  Kitchens have had glass splashbacks for years, but the colours have always been the neutrals, reds, aubergines or aquas.  This colour defines the kitchen, and compliments the natural green hues from the garden.

Garden living starts here…

The above view shows the tall units from the island, the tobacco oak is much softer than choosing a black and white, and whilst the island hosts the hob, the extractor is set into crisp white boxing from the ceiling allowing the three pendant lights to shine in their own right.  A small yellow duck adorns the island picking up on the glass on the sink run.

An unusual long landscape window floats above the yellow glass, just touching the ceiling and adds greenery into the kitchen in the same manner that a landscape photograph of a forest would, the window lets light in and softens the tri-colour kitchen adding another dimension and texture.

The tall housing is home to the oven, steam oven and warming drawer, the perfect combination for any modern-day chef.  If you are curious about steam cooking and the wonderful benefits and culinary creations that it can be used for, please don’t be afraid to pop in and ask us – steam is definitely the way forward!

Mr and Mrs Zussman sourced bar stools in a retro chrome effect diner style, with the excellent yellow colour on the padded seats.

The above is a closer view of the ceiling extractor – while the glass panels won’t be letting any of the smells and steam out, the thin gaps around the edge of the glass panels have a strong suction/extraction power so any cooking fumes will be taken straight out of these, known as ‘edge to edge extraction.’  Plus we all agree that the glass looks miles better than the mesh filters you usually see underneath an extractor.

Another yellow surprise hidden under the base units with these underlights.  Beautiful touch!

We love the way the kitchen and dining area just blend into the garden when the folding doors are both open and closed.  The dining table has an eclectic mix of different chairs, with the same for the lights above.  Artwork decorates the walls like it would in a gallery, and you do feel like you are in a part of the London Design Museum.  This is a truly stunning kitchen we hope that Mr and Mrs Zussman are as proud of it as we are!