May 2013 Design of the Month – Mr and Mrs Bennett

This month’s Design of the Month goes to Mr and Mrs Bennett’s gorgeous kitchen designed by Chris.  The furniture is in Atlanta Grey Acacia and Diva Shiny White by German manufacturer Hacker.

This kitchen is complimented perfectly by Mr and Mrs Bennett’s choice of colour to accessorise and decorate – A beautiful rich teal blue. The overall effect is truly stunning.


Mr and Mrs Bennett have a slightly more unusual set-up for their oven housings, where they are mid-height instead of going all the way to the ceiling which most people do to maximise space and storage.  There is no need to do that in this generously sized kitchen, so the mid-height units are made into a feature.  The ovens and coffee machine are lined up to help create a ‘band’ through the eyeline which lines up with the glass splashback behind the sink.  There is a false wall around the units with a recess featuring the decorative wallpaper in that beautiful teal blue.  Mini spotlights perfectly highlight any ornaments placed up here.

The sink run base units feature the different colour of acacia grey below the white worktops which gently break up what would have been a wide expanse of white, and allows the kitchen to stand out further using these three complimentary colours.

Mr and Mrs Bennett have a little bit of luxury with their coffee machine supplied by Neff, situated next to the ovens.  We have one of these in the showroom which is fab for showing off all the fancy styles of coffee usually reserved for Costa or Starbucks, but all in the comfort of your own home!

Check out these perfectly co-ordinated accessories!

The mid-height oven housings don’t go straight to the floor with a plinth to hide the supports – they are hung so they are ‘floating’ within the wall.  This is a clever way of allowing them to feel like there is more space around the units and therefore in the kitchen.

Check out the underlights below the oven housings, a simple touch that makes a brighter difference!

The island units are in the same acacia grey, with a wine cooler to keep all those wines ready to drink.  The worktop overhangs the edge of the units to create a breakfast bar, with another piece of the worktop material placed on top in an ‘L’ shape to discretely highlight a change in purpose this part.

Lots of accessible storage is found in the island with these deep drawers, with strong runner systems so you can place lots of heavy items, pots, plates etc. in them without fear of them being too heavy to hold them.

Mr and Mrs Bennett have made the leap to an induction hob. These have been around for ages, but their huge benefits are only being realised now.  The hobs of the future!!  These are much safer, practical, easier to clean, quicker to react to being turned on and off, and a much more reliable and consistent source of heat.

Long sleek lines of the handles, shown above.

The pop-up-socket in the island is shown above, a clever little gadget that allows you to put away those usually unsightly socket holes when not needed!

A touch of some curves are added with this sleek tap in stainless steel, complimenting the bar handles on the furniture doors, with a sleek under-mount sink for the inevitable washing up that has to be done!

The kitchen is situated in an open plan dining and seating area, which has been furnished and accessorised to beautifully compliment the kitchen, with the same teal blue wallpaper on the TV wall, and simple touches like the white table with teal runner, bringing the whole space together like a well planned story.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Bennett for sharing the final project with us, we love it!