Oct 2013 – Design of the Month – Open plan kitchen

Design of the Month – Mr and Mrs Todd

Check out this month’s Design of the Month, a truly beautiful entry – Mr and Mrs Todd’s Kitchen, designed by Chris.  It has all the features of a kitchen you’d find in a magazine, set in the heart of a beautiful, warm family home, creating the best mix you could ever get!

The furniture is Campo White by German manufacturer Schuller, with Hi-Macs white worktops.

Gorgeous Kitchen

The kitchen is set in an open-plan layout with a dining and lounge area.  The whole area boasts impressive vaulted ceilings with exposed beams as an added feature, with a rich blue accent theme throughout.

(I am trying hard not to sound like an estate-agent, but it is hard to not be impressed with this one!)

Whole Kitchen

The above is the view from the dining room.  The wood dining table is reflected in the wood breakfast bar material, tying the look together, blurring the lines between ‘Cooking Area’ and ‘Eating Area’

Whole kitchen with oven


The hob is situated on the island, with a pop-up extractor so it can be put away and doesn’t block the view while not in use.  It is also a practical solution when ducting out through the tall ceiling would have been a mission to get right, here the ducting goes down and out through the floor.

Extractor with oven


To get the most out of the cooking methods available, Mr and Mrs Todd have an induction hob as well as a two-burner gas hob for those high heat, high action dishes such as stir-fries. There are also hob bars embedded in the worktop next to them so you don’t need to hunt around for a trivet to place those pans on.

Handleless channel

The main worktop is Hi-Macs Arctic White.  Hi-Macs is a material which can be moulded into any shape and be seemingly seamless! – Here it is moulded and formed so there are no visible joints between the unit cladding piece to the left and right of the island, and the top piece.  The top piece is moulded in a ‘shark’s nose’ edge, which allows the worktop to look thinner and therefore sleeker, but also allows a more ergonomic access to the channel handle.  The expanse of island would probably have required a join in the worktop somewhere in the middle if it was done in stone, but choosing the Hi-Macs was the perfect solution to keep the kitchen as sleek and slim-lined as possible.


Mr and Mrs Todd have accessorised with changeable and edible flowers and fruit, in a blue bowl to match the theme in the room with orange highlights to compliment.

Open plan living area

The above is the view from the kitchen through to the dining and lounge area. The soft furnishings cleverly chosen to harmonise with the rest of the space with blue dining chairs and soft rug, and taupe sofa to go with the floor, dining table and breakfast bar.


The overhanging breakfast bar adds warmth to the kitchen, the natural material breaks up the mix of black glass, white furniture and worktops and stone floor.

Breakfast bar

Wood grain

You can see the end grains of the wood at the end of the breakfast bar, which makes you want to touch and feel the natural material, giving a real tactile experience in this kitchen.

Main Sink Run

Hidden uplights are above the beam which add an extra dimension of ambience in the space, highlighting the huge vaulted ceilings with a blue hue light.

Sink Channels


The ovens are laid out at eye-level with a combination of two main single ovens, and a steam combi and microwave combi.  The black glass breaks up the white furniture doors.


The island benefits from three lowered pendant lights for task lighting but also as a feature with those interesting glass shades.

Tall Ceilings


These barstools are practical and sturdy as well as being understatedly stylish.  The frames reflect the frames in the vaulted windows.

Sinks and taps

The main sink is a bowl and a half with drainer grooves cut into the worktop.  There is also a very stylish main hot and cold mixer tap as well as a boiling water tap, eliminating the need for a kettle to clutter up the worktop.


The windows in the open plan space are very impressive where they surround all sides of the room, the feeling is light and airy.

We hope Mr and Mrs Todd enjoy using their kitchen just as much as we enjoyed seeing the finishing touches all brought together in such a warm family home.