Sep 2013 Design of the Month – Solid wood kitchen

Design of the Month – Mr and Mrs Moody

This month’s Design of the Month is awarded for Mr and Mrs Moody’s kitchen, designed by Ken.  It is a Daval kitchen, in Denby, which is a solid wood painted in Ivory.

The style of the kitchen is a modern take on a traditional wooden kitchen. It has a very light and soft feel, a touch of Laura Ashley meets French cottage, through decor and accessories beautifully chosen to enhance the kitchen by Mr and Mrs Moody.

The kitchen was originally split with a peninsular, making it slightly hard to navigate, with a back door where the sink is now placed, and less room for the large dining table.  A re-organised room where the dining table is central and the family can gather while the chef can cook without tripping over people is a beautiful workable solution.

The above view shows the opposite side of the kitchen where the fridge and freezer are, along with a dresser unit to break up the line of tall units.  The soft grey leather chairs for the dining table tie-in with the colour scheme perfectly!

The hob and sink run view out to the garden where the back door once was. The quartz worktop, Mountain Starburst, contrasts with the light coloured units and allow accessories to stand out and make the kitchen feel warm and lived in.

Colour coordinated accessories are du-jour, and add substance to this practical family home.

The oven housing tall panels are oak, a theme which is echoed across the room with the tall units and shelf in the aperture (See below)  The oak adds another dimension of warmth, breaking up the ivory doors in a sympathetic way to match the dining table.

Mr and Mrs Moody have chosen an induction hob to cook on, a simple glass design that is almost hidden against the quartz worktop.  Induction is the way forward!

Mr and Mrs Moody have a single oven and combi-oven microwave, as well as a warming drawer to warm plates before serving.  A practical combination to get the most cooking methods out of a smaller space to store the appliances in.

As with any kitchen, storage is a major point to think about when choosing your combination of units.  By using deep drawers, you gain more accessible storage, items are much easier to take in and out.  Unlike a cupboard, you don’t have to remove all of the things at the front just to get to one item at the back.  This is most useful for the pots and pans that don’t stack easily and are too bulky to heave around.

The tall units over on this side of the room hide the fridge and freezer, as well as a mini utility, in the form of the tumble drier and cleaning materials and detergents hidden behind the double doors near the window doors.

To break up the tall units, a drawer and wall unit are set into the design to allow a dresser style unit a handy little display space that isn’t part of the usable kitchen work area, set with the same quartz and oak details found on the opposite side of the room to tie it all together.

We love these cute little accessories, they really personalise the kitchen and give it an identity without cluttering up the feel of the space.

Like the little butterfly, this kitchen makes you feel welcome in the family home!

More cute accessories adorn the dresser area – with a touch of green brought into the theme, which ties the garden space into the design, the glass patio doors act like big picture frames!

We love this warm family space, and hope Mr and Mrs Moody enjoy their kitchen and its renewed purpose in their home.